Welcome to Reception!

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Welcome to Reception!! We hope you have enjoyed the days so far.  We are looking forward to a great year ahead! In Reception, we love to blog so please blog whenever you can.

This week we are talking about ‘Ourselves’ and our families. We would like to know who’s in your family so please write on the blog and tell us all about your family.

We look forward to reading your blogs…

3 Responses to “Welcome to Reception!”

  1.   Ruby Says:

    I have just started reception in Miss Dansons class. In my family is my mummy, daddy and little sister Emma who is 2 years old.


  2.   Leo Says:

    In my family there is Mummy, Daddy, Oliver and me!
    My brother Oliver is 6 and he makes lovely inventions.
    Daddy always takes us to LegoLand and Mummy always makes the cakes.


  3.   Ollie Says:

    My Name is Ollie and I am 4 years old. In my family is Mummy, Daddy, Sammie who is 6, Darcy the cat and my little baby brother Reuben.
    Bye Bye


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