Who ate all the porridge?

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This week we have been learning about the story of Goldlocks and the 3 bears. We have been doing lots of super activities – writing letters to the bears and singing a song about when Goldilocks went to the house of the bears.

On Thursday something very very sad happened. I woke up so late that I didn’t have time to have my breakfast. Luckily the children let me make some in class, but when I came to eat it it was too hot. We went for a walk while it cooled down but then when we came back….. the porridge was gone!!!!!!!!!

Who do you think ate the porridge and why?

3 Responses to “Who ate all the porridge?”

  1.   Ruby Says:


    I think it was Miss Ward who ate the porridge!!



  2.   Ollie Foggett Says:

    I think it was Miss Ferguson.


  3.   sinead and natasha Says:

    We think Louie ate all the porridge.


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