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The infamous doh disco! on PhotoPeach

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  1.   Ruby Says:

    i love doh disco love ruby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2.   Janis Says:

    I loved watching the Doh disco, they all have fun.


  3.   Archie Mills Albert mills Says:

    Archie and Albert here and we had a fantastic half term we went on an aeroplane and went to Spain in the first week and in the second week along with our sister we went to the park, Manchester science and industrial museum and made rockets we also went to the farm to feed the horses, pigs and baby chicks. We had lots of fun and are happy to be at school playing with our friends and learning. Alberts favourite thing to do in school is junk modelling. And Archie’s favourite thing is to make spider man.


  4.   Ms Rafi Says:

    Wow! A Doh Disco! Obviously Reception are starting a new phonomena in the Early Years. It looks like a lot of fun.


  5.   Darcy Durance Says:

    go doh, go doh, go doh!



  6.   Eleanor Says:

    i liked it alot from Eleanor


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